Today’s Rates

Statement Savings (Min $100)0.10%0.10%
Business Savings (Min $500)0.10%0.10%
NOW Checking (Min $300)0.05%0.05%
NOW Checking (Min $600)0.05%0.05%

Fees could reduce earnings on the account.

Tiered Super Savings Account

Up to $9990.00%0.00%
$1,000 to $9,9990.10%0.10%
$10,000 +0.15%0.15%

Tiered Money Market Checking

Up to $2,4990.05%0.05%
$2,500 to $49,9990.05%0.05%
$50,000 to $99,9990.10%0.10%
$100,000 to $499,9990.15%0.15%
$500,000 & above0.15%0.15%
$1,000,000+Available upon request

Activity restrictions apply.

Certificates of Deposit (Min of $1,000)

 Rate A.P.Y.
90 Days0.05%0.05%
182 Days0.07%0.07%
One Year0.12%0.12%
Two Year0.20%0.20%
Three Year0.23%0.23%
Four Year0.25%0.25%
Five Year0.30%0.30%
Seven Year0.40%0.40%

A penalty will be imposed in the case of early withdrawal.

A.P.Y. = Annual Percentage Yield
Rates are subject to change daily.  Please contact us at 856-825-0809 for rate inquiries.